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Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

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Today we can confidently conclude that the punitive operation in Odessa city was planned by Kiev government under the guidance of the CIA and implemented inadequate thugs of the «Right sector», which brutally cracked down on seeking shelter in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa city, and then burned their bodies to hide the traces of the crime.

Goal of planned provocation is to get Russia to send troops to the area of Ukraine and because of this to accuse Russia in inciting war.

However, the script has failed because the 'Dogs', as called scum of «the Right sector») in their hellish hate crossed all boundaries, surpassing in cruelty even their grandfathers — scavengers in the SS division «Galicia».

In this post is collected evidences, which will not be able to refute the hangers-on of the Kiev government, simply because it's real true.Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

This post was the first sign that on the info front the next day after the bloody crimes by «Right sector» and Kiev government have turned an episode of reisinformatie order to hide the traces of the crime:

It tells about a mythical Pro-Russian column, armed with firearms (including PP. Ultrasound!) and dressed exactly as «Right» sector in new helmets, shields and armor. There is only one big BUT. Never in this way, the representatives of self-defense do not dressed and had no experience in combat formations, which «Right sector» has. Helmets, truncheons and shields, a combat operation — all this is associated in people exclusively with trained militants from the «Right sector».

The most important is — the Directors of this massacre (obviously, the experts at the CIA) do not differ particularly mind as performers, so they put a bandage made of red tape in the hands of the key protagonists,who know their role:

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Exactly the corrupt policemen with red (the same red armbands) missed the «Right sector» through its allegedly barrage cordons.Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Note the age of this column militants. It is solely the youth. The same zombie Ukrainian youth, from which Americans gathered the «Right sector».

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Compare with any photos of mass concentration of supporters of federalization is the average age there is much higher.For example, a photo from Lugansk city, before the seizure of the Building of the security service of Ukraine:

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Attention! Some of «Right sector» not only did not wear the St.George ribbons but also have kept on their clothesthe Maydan's symbols:Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Here is another typical example:

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

For comparison, the same column of the Right sector", the twins:

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Following is obvious. After the arrival of the Vice-President of the USA D.Bajden in Kiev, the boss of punitive operations was assigned the head of the SBU V.Nalivajchenko, a part — time CIA agent. Nalyvaychenko was one of the founders of the «Right sector», and therefore the curator of the 'RS' from the CIA.

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)
The States have obtusely their inability to accuse Russia in the internal interference,cause no evidence mythical presence «of GRU» were found.
So they decided to kill two birds with one fell swoop — cover punitive military operation in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities of the South-East, and to cater for the mass murder of Odessa, to provoke Russia to the troops.Thus they have substituted Kiev government and vipers of the «Right sector» under the people's anger.Because of the slained and burned alive people, they will never be forgived.
Here is the testimony of one of the last left the House of trade Unions of witnesses:

The situation is the following.

Just in time for football match, where we arrived ultras, brought 15 well equipped carriages of the 'Right Sector'.They put St. George ribbons, and for the fact that they was under the influence of drugs each other not kill —armband from red tape to coordinators. The police was with them in collusion and had the order do not oppose to the 'Right Sector'.

'Right Sector' were ready to kill all supporters of federalization one in advance:

Militants from the «Right sector» was covered sales Odessa cops:

For example, as for having on himself St. George ribbon with by person from the 'Right Sector' is hiding Deputy commander of militia of Odessa Dmitry Fuchedzhi.

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

And here we can see the militants from the 'Right Sector', marked by red ribbons, receive instructions from crooked cops:Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Here is well-known centurion of Maidan Mikola, which reported to Avakov about the course of the special operation, and then fired at people who tried to escape from the House of trade Unions:

And here he is guarded by policemen, guarding the car with guns for the 'Right Sector':

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

Again, he is shooting at people who is trying to escape:

Young Ukrainian girls gather Molotov cocktails, which will cause the death of Odessa people:

The next, the 'Right sector" by mask of the "Pro-Russian' activists is attacking the football fans to create aggression.
As in the case with snipers on the Maidan, when from the roofs «snipers» shoots at 'their' people especialment for making the crowd to be mad and arranged with the slaughter.

The next the worst is happening. A group of the 'Right Sector' that received the keys of the House of trade Unions from local authorities, take it and prepares to meet activists of defense (who gathered signatures for a referendum in tents) for the massacre.

Then the main group of Dogs is sent on Kulikovo field, where raiding the camp and drive the people into a trap. Inside the building, they are waiting by bastards from «the Right sector», which kill them with shots to the head, women raped, and then burn them alive, the carcass of charred corpses fire extinguishers, for do not burn themselves.

In detail about it here (note 21+ — pictures with charred bodies):

As the hostage reported released a day later, the 'Right Sector' did murder everywhere, more than 100 corpses:

Many people who tried to escape — were killed, and the bodies were thrown off in the basements of the houses nearby.
Here are the causes of deaths of Odessa people, which prove that the fire was just a cover:

Odessa city: the truth that is to be hidden (21+)

On the roof there were sitting the 'Right Sector' who had previously received the keys from the attic, and imitated «burn themselves» militias.

Hence, is the false version of Kiev government that Odessa allegedly themselves on fire:

ODESSA, 03 MAY 2014, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — the reason of fire in the House of trade unions in Odessa could be Molotov cocktails thrown from the roof of the building, correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie».

About it to Agency have informed today, on may 3, in the Department of public relations of the Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

The Department noted that the cause of fire House of trade unions in Odessa could be Molotov cocktails thrown at the top. These are preliminary the findings of the examination of the scene by specialists of the Main administration of State service of Ukraine for emergencies in Odessa oblast.

Realizing that a fake version of a fiasco sent to this day to Odessa to look after mopping the representative of the Kiev government Yarema began to look for other options:

People in a burning building of the Odessa regional Federation of trade unions died instantly because of the burning of an unknown substance. About it at the briefing in Odessa said the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema, radio «Liberty».

Actually it's only a cover for pre-provocame and Kiev government punitive operations.

The scheme of the crime is clear: The USA — puppet Kiev government murderers of the «Right sector».

Blood is on their hands. And it already impossible to wash it away. Nor lies, nor yet another provocation.

Every Ukrainian who doubted, where the truth and where the false, now stood on the side of self-defense. Because the victims were relatives and friends. And they will never forgive this fell from the «Right sector», their managers from Kyiv and owners of USA actions.

And no one will forgive.

We will never forget and we will never forgive.

P.S. This article is translated by blog readers. It's original version in russian:
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