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Odessa Massacre (May 2, 2014): documental evidences pointing to Right Sector/Maidan activists. Pt. 1

May 2, 2014: Ukrainian Maidan activist was filmed while shooting at windows of the Trade Unions House where people tried to save their lives:

Note: many dead people found in the Trade Unions House have been shot.

Few hours earlier: this guy along with other nationalists and high-rank police officer. Note: at the beginning of the video the other, military-looking, nationalist asks the police officer to organize “a pathway” for them to let them “make their job”.

April 29, 2014: the same guy talking with the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy. Then Andriy Parubiy presented there bulletproof vests to nationalists.

May 5, 2014: this guy at the Right Sector/Maidan activists/ultras meeting in Odessa:


...just few minutes after Ivan Ekaterinchuk’s (the head of the Odessa Police Department) speech:

The shooter's name is Volkov Nikolay Nikolaevich. According to official reports, he was wanted by the Ukrainian police since 2012:
Tags: fascism, nazism, odessa, ukraine

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